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Assyria - Room 6

Stela of Ashurnasirpal II (the more damaged one on right) - (4 of 9)

When the cuneiform on the previous stela was deciphered, Rawlinson read that it had been set up beside a similar stela of his father, Ashurnasirpal. He then told people to dig again in the same place, and they found it. The two stelas are now together again here. This shows that they had understood the cuneiform correctly.

This shows Ashurnasirpal saluting the gods of Assyria: (from left to right)
1. Ishtar - the god of love and war
2. Horn = Hadad - the storm god
3. Moon = Sin - the moon god of war
4. Sun god
5. Ashur - the chief god who protected Assyria, and gave success in battle.

On this stela it says of Ashurnasirpal, "the gods have a son on earth"