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Assyria - Room 6

Black Obelisk (118885) - (6 of 9)

This was found by Layard in the Imperial palace at Calah / Nimrud in 1846. It has five rows of reliefs, showing conquered people bringing tribute to Shalmaneser III around 841 BC. Each tributary is portrayed on four panels round the obelisk, with a line of script above. On the stepped top and lower part, on all four sides there is 190 lines of text in Assyrian cuneiform, describing the principle events of 31 of Shalmaneser's military campaigns to the Mediterranean to the West, to Cilicia in the North-west, to Media in the East and to Babylonia in the South. It also has a chronological list of king's reigns, including two kings found in the Bible: Hazael and Benhadad, both kings of Aram.