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Palace of ASHURNASIRPAL II (883-859 BC) - Room 7

Phoenician Tribute to Assyria (WA 124562) (at end, to far left of throne) - (5 of 5)

Two Phoenician merchants bringing gifts to Ashurnasirpal II. One is wearing Phoenician dress: a turban, long shirt, cloak over the shoulder and up-turned boots, cracking his thumbs showing submission to the king. The other is in Syrian dress: a bun of hair, a shorter shirt and holding two monkeys as gifts. This panel came from a wall of the courtyard leading to the throne room.

The Hebrews were not a maritime people, so they shared in the maritime enterprises of the Phoenicians, who were the greatest sailors. They had a treaty with Hiram who provided craftsmen and materials for the temple (1 Kg 5:12).