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Books Available for Purchase

So far, I have written seven books, which are introduced below. Details for purchase are at the bottom of this page.

1. God's Story - A Bible Overview
2. The Lion and the Lamb - A Guide to the Inspiring Book of Revelation
3. Chaos in Corinth - A Study of the Book of 1 Corinthians
4. Gospel of Power - A Guide to Paul's Letter to the Romans
5. Trust and be Saved - A Guide to the Book of Isaiah
6. Press On or Give Up? - A Guide to the Book of Hebrews
7. God Rules the Nations - A Guide to the Book of Daniel

Click on one of the images below for details of the book

A preview of each book containing a couple of chapters is available by clicking the link below the book description.

Press On or Give Up? - A Guide to the Book of Hebrews

The Book of Hebrews can seem rather remote to the Western reader, as it gives lengthy arguments about angels, priests, covenants and sacrifices. However, it gives us an inspiring revelation of who Jesus is, and the the superiority of his ministry when compared with each aspect of the covenant in the Old Testament. The Book of Hebrews also gives us a helpful guide on how to view and understand the Old Testament from a Christian perspective.

The purpose of this book is to to work through the text of Hebrews and to give an explanation of these arguments and so enable the reader to understand and appreciate the work of Christ in a greater way.

The book begins with a general introduction addressing issues such as the debated authorship of Hebrews, a description of the situation of the original readers, and the main themes of the book. This will aid the understanding of the more detailed explanation of the text which forms the second part. The book ends with a special study of the important theological concept of types, the people, objects or events in the Old Testament that foreshadowed and pointed towards Jesus.

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Purchasing details

Each book is available as an electronic copy sent by email. Each book costs £5 (UK pounds, GBP).

These electronic copies are available in .pdf format, which can be read using Adobe Acrobat.

You are welcome to print out one copy of the book if you want a hard copy.

Please note this is copyrighted material which should not be copied in any form.

There are two ways to pay for them:

1. The most straightforward way is if you have a Paypal account, you can send me the money through our email address (there is an underscore between the "family" and the "spriggs"). Please put a note on the payment request to say which book or books you are sending money for.

This is a link to Paypal

2. Using the Contact Julian link, you can send me an email to request a book. We can then arrange how to process the payment.

On receipt of payment, I will send the books to you.