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"The earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea." (Hab 2:14)

I would like to invite you to look around my web-site. I do hope and pray that you will find it a help and an encouragement. The main aim is to provide a helpful resource for people wanting to know more about the Bible and how to understand it better.

The Bible Study Resources are described below. There is a large collection of different articles giving information about the cultural or historical background to the Bible, as well as on more topical subjects.

If you have the opportunity to visit the British Museum in London, there are a series of pages which describe the archaeological artefacts which link with the Bible, so you can take yourself for a tour of the museum. Please select the British Museum Guide link.

I have recently completed my seventh book God Rules the Nations - A Guide to the Book of Daniel, available as an e-book in .pdf format. Please go to the Julian's Books page for details.

Recent additions to the site

Soon after the beginning of 2020 this site reached a significant landmark. It has now had visitors from two hundred different countries or dependent territories with a unique country code top-level internet domain. There are about 240 different country code top-level internet domains in total, so this site has now had visitors from over 80% of them.

I have recently redesigned the website giving it some extra facilities, as well as improving the page design and styling, giving each page a more similar appearance.

At the top of each page there are now buttons to enable you to share on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. There are also buttons to print the page or save it as a .pdf file.

Pages which contain a number of photographs, such as the British Museum Tour and Herod's Temple are now arranged as a slide-show, where you can click on the buttons to move forwards or backwards through the collection of photographs.

Using the facility of Google Translator, each page is now available in over 100 different languages. Please select your language at the top of any page, and the site will remember your language choice as you visit each page. I cannot guarantee the quality of the translation, however.

Bible Study Resources

I have included nearly two hundred articles covering various areas of Biblical studies. Some contain general information for the historical and cultural background of the Old or New Testaments. Others contain more topical discussions on some controversial subjects. Do take time to browse through them. Over the next months and years, I will be adding many more articles, so do bookmark this site and return again. New articles will normally be added to the top of the list in each category.

I have arranged the articles in a number of different categories. Please select the link on the left or below:

New Testament Background

Articles which give additional information about the history and culture of the first century, giving helpful background knowledge for the Gospels and Paul's travels.

New Testament Studies

A collection of in-depth studies on a variety of topics arising from the New Testament.

Old Testament Background

Information about the different nations surrounding Israel, and other articles concerning Old Testament history.

Old Testament Studies

A selection of studies on topics connected with the Old Testament.

Inductive Bible Study

Some practical instruction in how to study the Bible inductively, together with some helpful principles for understanding the different types of literature found in the Bible, such as law, prophets, gospels and Revelation.

Old Testament Books

This is a growing collection of introductions to each of the books in the Old Testament. Each contains helpful information about the authorship, date, historical setting and main themes of the book.

New Testament Books

This is a collection of introductions to each of the books in the New Testament. Each contains information about the authorship, date, historical setting and main themes of the book.

Life Questions

This contains a collection of articles about the more perplexing issues arising from the Christian faith, including: the problem of suffering, whether there is such a thing as just war, and the question of those who die without hearing the Gospel.

How to Preach

For those who believe that God is calling you to preach his Word, these are pages which give very practical instructions on how to prepare a message, and some help in the frightening challenge of public speaking.

You are welcome to make copies of any of the articles, and use them for study, teaching, or to hand out to students. They are not copyrighted. However I would ask that you give credit to me as the author.

If you have any suggestions for articles on any additional topics, please let me know, and I may be able to write one! If you have any comments, or questions, please send me an email using the Contact Julian link on the left.

I have included a number of articles which were not originally written by me, but by other staff or leaders of the SBS. I have indicated these by writing “Unknown author” at the top. Please let me know if you are the original author of one of these, and you can receive the credit you deserve.