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Old Testament Studies

These are a selection of articles on different topics or issues arising from the study of the Old Testament.

The Tower of Babel

Why do we speak many different languages around the world? A look at this well-known account, and the origin of nations and languages, and what the Bible has to say about racism.

Names of God

Hebrew names have meanings, especially the names of God, which are used in the OT to describe his nature and character.


To understand the Old Testament it is necessary to understand the importance of a covenant. This article explains what a covenant was, how one was made, and the significance of covenant in the thinking of the Old Testament.


Churches often teach that Christians should give 10% of their income, but what were the instructions in the original laws given through Moses, and how can we learn from them today?

Fall of Satan?

It is frequently claimed that certain passages in Isaiah and Ezekiel teach that Satan is a fallen angel, but what do these passages actually say?

Holy Spirit in OT

How did the Holy Spirit function in the Old Testament in the centuries before the Day of Pentecost?

Daniel’s 70 weeks

Some thoughts on a very difficult passage in the Book of Daniel.

Types of Jesus in the OT

A study on typology, when real people, events, places or objects in the Old Testament in some way foreshadow the person and work of Jesus.

OT quoted in NT

A list of the passages in each of the Old Testament books, showing where they are quoted in the New Testament. For a list of the passages in the NT books where the OT is quoted, please go to the NT quotes of OT page.