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Assyria - Room 9 (Nineveh)

The wall reliefs in this gallery come from Sennacherib’s palace in Nineveh, built soon after his humiliation outside the walls of Jerusalem in 701 BC.

Battle Scenes - (1 of 4)

There are a variety of yet more battle scenes, including papyrus boats, and piles of heads. This is a gruesome Assyrian description of the capture of one city
I slew one in every two, I built a wall before the great gates of the city, some I enclosed alive within the bricks of the wall. I flayed the chief men and covered the wall with their skins. Some I impaled on stakes along the wall, I caused a multitude to be flayed in my presence, I covered the wall with their skins. (Budge - Annals of the Kings of Assyria)

This is the Assyrian description of the capture of the city of Dirra in Pitura by the River Tigris, from an inscription from a monolith in Kurkh
I captured the city, 800 of their warriors I struck down with a sword, I cut off their heads. Many of them I captured alive, the next I burned with fire. Their heavy spoil I carried off. A pillar of living men and heads I built in front of their city gate. 700 men I impaled on stakes in front of their city gates. The city I destroyed, I devastated, I turned into mounds and ruins. Their young men I turned into flames.. (Budge - Annals of the Kings of Assyria, p233-234)