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Take yourself on a tour of the British Museum

These pages contain a detailed description of the exhibits in the British Museum in London which have a connection with the Bible. For many of the descriptions I have included a photograph and the museum accession number, so you can identify the artifact. Please note that these pages may go out of date because exhibits are sometimes moved to different galleries, or are loaned to other museums around the world.

You are welcome to print these pages and use them as your own guide to the museum, or you can access them on a mobile phone, as long as you can get a signal inside the museum.

The galleries in the museum included in the tour are listed below. The tour follows the order that the galleries are listed in below. Each room number acts as link to the relevant page. The gallery is on the ground floor, unless otherwise indicated.

Room 4: Egypt

Room 22: Greece - Ephesus and Alexander the Great

Room 88: Palestine (basement)
- please note that this room is rarely open

Room 61: Egypt (top floor)

Room 57: Canaanites and Philistines (top floor)

Room 56: The Ur Room - Ancient Babylonia (top floor)

Room 55: Neo-Babylonian Empire of Nebuchadnezzar (top floor)

Room 54: Hittites (top floor)

Room 52: Persians (top floor)

Assyrian Kings

There are several galleries covering the different kings of the Assyrians. The Assyrian Kings page gives a summary of the events of the reign of each of the kings represented in the British Museum.

Room 7: Assyrians - Nimrud Gallery - Palace of Ashurnasirpal II

Room 6: Assyrian Trancept - Shalmaneser V

Room 8: Assyrians - Palace of Sargon II

Room 10: Assyrians - Siege of Lachish & Palace of Ashurbanipal
- please note that this room is often closed temporarily

Room 9: Assyrians - Palace of Sennacherib

Room 89: Assyrians - Ashurbanipal (basement)
- please note that this room is rarely open