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Photographs from the city of Corinth

This series of photographs are from the ruins of the ancient city of Corinth, as well as the Corinth Canal and Cenchreae.

Click on the thumbnail image below to view a larger image and its description

1The Diolkos
2The Corinth Canal
3View of the Acrocorinth from the ruins of Corinth
4View of Acrocorinth with the Temple of Apollo
5Temple of Apollo from below
6Temple of Apollo
7Remains of the Temple of Apollo
9Glauce Fountain
10The Judgement Seat (Bema)
11Church built above the Bema
12Road to Lechaeum
13The Odeion
14View over ruins of Theatre to Lechaeum
15Erastus Inscription
16Erastus Inscription (close-up)
17Lintel from Synagogue
18Emperor with headcovering
19Statue of a slave
21Cenchreae, with view of Acrocorinth
23Ruins of a church in Cenchreae