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Photographs from the city of Ephesus

This series of photographs are from the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus, as well as some artifacts in the museum in nearby Selcuk.

Click on the thumbnail image below to view a larger image and its description

1Site of harbour
2Arcadian (Harbour) Street
3Arcadian Street and Great Theatre
4Road from Theatre to Artemis Temple
5Amphitheatre and Gymnasium
6Arcadian Street to Harbour
7Stage area of theatre from the side
8Stage of theatre looking towards the harbour
9Agora - Marketplace
10Celsus Library
11Mazeus and Mithriadates Gate
12Mazeus and Mithriadates Gate Inscription
13Domitian and Neokoros Inscription
14Scholastica Baths
15Scholastica Statue
17Curetes Street
18Domitian Square
19Domitian Temple
21Nike, Goddess of Victory
22Hercules Gate
23Temple to Hadrian
24Temple to Goddess Roma
26Site of Artemis Temple
27Temple of Artemis
29Basilica of John
30Basilica of John
31Tomb of John the Apostle
32House of Mary
33Oxen with Garlands of Flowers
34Statue of Artemis
35Altar from Temple of Domitian
36Incense Altar for Emperor Worship
37Emperor Worship Priest
38Head and Arm of Domitian
39Medical Instruments