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Photographs from the Israel Museum in Jerusalem

This series of photographs are from the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, which include some very significant discoveries.

Click on the thumbnail image below to view a larger image and its description

1Silver Amulets
2Model of Calf God
3Calf God with its Shrine
4Model Baal's
5Asherah Figurines
6Four horned altar from Beersheba
7Tel el Amarna Tablet
8Storage Jar from time of Joshua
9The House of David Inscription
10David Inscription (close up)
11A High Place
12Column from Shrine at Dan
13Balustrade from Ahab's palace in Samaria
14Samaria Ivory Furniture Inlay
15Jezebel Seal
16Gateway to Fortress at Hazor
17Syrian Stele of God Hadad
18The Ekron Inscription
19Assyrian wall relief
20Paving Brick - Shalmaneser III
21Stela of Tiglath-pileser III (Pul)
22Sargon Foundation Cylinder
23Uzziah Inscription
24Inscription from Hezekiah's Tunnel
25Siege of Jerusalem by Sennacherib 701 BC
26Arrow Heads from the Siege of Jerusalem
27Seal of Shema
28One of the Lachish Letters
29Nebuchadnezzar Cylinder
30Persian Drinking Cup
31Sanballat Bulla
32Antiochus III Inscription
33Herod Inscription
34Official Weight
35“To the place of trumpeting …,”
36No foreigner shall enter the Temple
37Temple Menora
38Ossuary of Simon builder of the temple
39Ossuary of Caiaphas
40Ossuary of Caiaphas (side view)
41Pilate Inscription
42Pilate Inscription
43Crucifixion Victim
44Seven Seals
45Statue of Emperor Hadrian