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The Jewish View of Age

This is taken from the Jewish Talmud, the teachings of Rabbi Jehudah. It lists the different stages of life, and what men were ready for at each stage.

At 5 years: Reading Scripture

At 10 years: Learning the Mishnah (Jewish teaching)

At 13 years: Bound to the Commandments

At 15 years: Study of the Talmud (Jewish teaching)

At 18 years: The Bride Chamber

At 20 years: For pursuing a trade or business

At 30 years: Full vigour and authority

At 40 years: Maturity of reason, and discernment

At 50 years: For counsel

At 60 years: To be an elder, the commencement of agedness

At 70 years: For grey hairs

At 80 years: For special strength, or advanced old age

At 90 years: For a bowed back

At 100 years: As one that had already died and passed away, and ceased from the world

See: A. Edersheim. Sketches of Jewish Social Life (pages 100, 113)