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Life Questions

These are a series of articles about a variety of the big questions of life, as well as difficult issues arising from the preaching of the Christian Gospel. This is intended to be a helpful resource to encourage Christians, reassure believers in their faith, and be a tool in witnessing to others.


Christian theology and doctrine is full of paradoxes. This article explains the importance of recognising paradox, and gives some important examples, including many of the core doctrines of the Christian faith.


An introduction to Christian Ethics, giving a description and evaluation of the different approaches that are used in the attempt to answer the difficult ethical issues of life.

Never heard Gospel

One of the difficult questions is what happens to those people who die without ever having the opportunity to hear the Gospel? Is is just of God to condemn them to eternal damnation for their ignorance?

Just war?

Is a nation ever justifed to go to war, or should Christians be pacifists? This article looks at the difficult issue of war, and asks whether there is such a thing as a "just war".


A look at the biggest objection to the Christian faith from the experiences of Job, and some practical suggestions of how to respond to suffering.


A lesson from the Book of Ruth about how to cope with the disappointments of life.