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New Testament Studies

These are articles about a variety of different topics and issues arising from the study of the New Testament.

Why 66 books?

A question which is often asked: Why does the Bible contain these particular 66 books, and not others? An account of the historical process of how canon of Scripture was recognised.

Understanding the Parables

The parables told by Jesus can be difficult to understand. Here is a guide to their interpretation and application to today.

Elijah / John

The prophet Malachi predicted that Elijah would come again before the great day of the Lord. Was this prediction fulfilled through the ministry of John the Baptist?

John's Gospel Prologue

A study of the prologue to John's Gospel where Jesus is described as the Logos. What did the Logos mean and why did John use it to describe Jesus?

Important Themes in John's Gospel

In his gospel, John uses a number of important themes to describe Jesus and the life that he brought.

John Jewish Festivals

In John's Gospel Jesus regularly attended Jewish Festivals to show that they found their fulfillment in him.

The Paraclete

An inspiring study of the work of the Holy Spirit, as described by Jesus in John 14-16, where he gave the most detailed teaching on the Holy Spirit found in the New Testament.

Apostolic Messages in the Book of Acts

A study on the main messages preached by the apostles in the Book of Acts, including Peter on the Day of Pentecost, Stephen's apology, and Paul preaching in the synagogue and to pagan audiences.


A study on apostleship in the New Testament, focussing on Paul's apostleship, and asking whether there is a modern ministry position of apostle.


During his third missionary journey, Paul was making a collecting a finanical gift from the Gentile churches for the Jewish church in Jerusalem. This article describes Paul's methods and purposes in making this collection, which is mentioned in several of his letters.

Church as Temple

A look at the rich teaching which describes the church as the temple of God in Paul's letters.

Church as Body

The origin and meaning of Paul's description of the church as the body of Christ.

Last Adam

Paul uniquely describes Jesus as the last Adam. This article compares and contrasts Adam with Jesus, and looks as the perpetually controversial doctrine of original sin.

Food Offered to Idols

The issue of food offered to idols that Paul addresses in 1 Corinthians can seen rather remote to a modern reader, but there are relevant principles of the right way to exercise Christian freedom that can be learned from this section of the book.


Should women wear a covering on their heads when attending church? A look at the difficult passage in 1 Corinthians chapter 11.

Fallen angels

A look at the references to fallen angels made in the books of 2 Peter and Jude, and the reference to the account of the sons of God and daughters of men in Gen 6, which was greatly elaborated in the Book of Enoch.

Olivet Discourse (Mark 13)

Mark chapter thirteen is one of the more difficult parts of the gospels for us to understand. This article explains this chapter, and the events of A.D. 70.


A comparison of the different ways that the thousand year reign of Jesus Christ (Rev 20) have been understood in the church.


What is the rapture and the tribulation? How is it described in the New Testament? A look at the different views of these, and a study of the significant passage in 1 Thessalonians 4:13-20.

Views of Revelation

This gives a description of the four main approaches to the Book of Revelation, that have been used through the centuries: futurist, preterist, historicist and spritual or idealist.

Jesus the Lamb

A study of Jesus being described as the lamb, which is the central theme of the Book of Revelation


A study of the 'parousia', or coming of Christ, as taught in the New Testament.

Dates of the Second Coming

Through the centuries, many people have attempted to predict the date of the Second Coming of Christ. This page gives details of a small selection of these.


Using a picture word from the slave market, this is a powerful word that describes the work of Christ in giving his life to save us from the penalty of sin.

Kingdom of God

The New Testament declares that the long-expected kingdom of God has come, but has not yet come. What does this mean?


A short study of the way the New Testament writers describe the church.


What were the seating arrangements at the Last Supper? This gives helpful understanding for John chapter 13.

Unique Passages

This page gives a simple list of all the passages which are found in only one of the three Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, or Luke), and do not have any parallel passages in otherGospels.

NT Quotes of OT

This is a list of passages in each of the books of the New Testament, showing where they are quoted from in the Old Testament. For a list of the passages in each of the Old Testament books which are quoted in the New Testament, please go to the OT quoted in NT page

Genealogy of Jesus

A study of the genealogy of Jesus as recorded in Matthew's Gospel. Why does the New Testament begin with what appears to be a dull list of names?