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Interpretating the different types of literature

It is most important that when reading the Bible we are taking note of the type of literature we are reading. Each type needs to be considered and interpreted differently as they have different purposes. The link give guidelines for the interpretation of the different types of book found in the Bible.


Some suggestions of how we can learn from the narratives (stories) in the Old Testament.

OT Law

Here is some help in how to understand the Law of Moses and how to determine some relevant application to today.

Hebrew Poetry

Much of the Old Testament is written in poetry. How was Hebrew poetry different from modern poetry?


How to make sense of books such as Proverbs, Job and Ecclesiastes.

OT Prophets

Some practical guidelines on how to understand the Old Testament prophets.


This explains the particular issues to be aware of when reading and studying the four gospels.


How to understand the parables told by Jesus, by identifying his original audience.


Is the Book of Acts a manual for church organisation, or is there another way of gaining wisdom from it?


Practical guidelines for understanding the letters (epistles) in the New Testament, and the importance of knowing their historical setting.


Some practical ideas on how to approach the controversial issue of end times (eschatology)


Some help in making sense of this amazing book, which is so often misunderstood.